CMMS is Crucial to the Proper Maintenance of the Hospitality Industry

September 1, 2017
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 Think about the last place you dined out or the last hotel you stayed in –what were the highlights? What were the biggest negatives? Chances are if you remember any maintenance issues during your time as a customer you probably won't be going back.



Maintenance is crucial to the hospitality industry and for quite a few reasons:


Money Matters

The bottom line for any business is to make a profit and if the customers are not pleased with the property or facilities, then gross income will start to suffer. For instance, if a guest stays in a room during the summer and the air conditioning goes out due to the maintenance team not keeping up with preventative maintenance or work orders, they will most likely demand a refund, stay somewhere else, or both.


Customer Opinion

Customer opinion can make or break a business, especially when it comes to the hospitality industry. If a guest is dissatisfied with their accommodations then they will usually tell others. Word of mouth and online reviews really make a difference on whether or not other customers will frequent an establishment. One of the fastest ways to get a bad review is to have unfinished maintenance work or equipment that is not kept in good shape.


Pleasing the Boss

Pleasing the higher ups at your job is important and if you are the boss, then your main goal is pleasing your customers. Normally if the maintenance team is subpar, the management will notice. If they don't, they certainly will once the guests start complaining and then jobs could be at risk.


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Areas to Watch

Along with making sure equipment such as air conditioning units and heaters are working properly, make sure you also focus on; leaky faucets in the common area bathrooms, the look of the exterior (does it need painting or cleaning), doors, windows, and anything that falls under the umbrella of your maintenance department and can be seen by the majority of customers.


For all of your hospitality maintenance needs, CMMS helps you do your job easier and faster while helping make sure that you do not overlook the important areas.


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