CMMS Helps When Choosing the Right Heating Device for Those Cold Areas

January 25, 2017
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If your department, office, or work area seems to have areas where the heat simply does not reach, certain heating devices can help remedy that and ensure that everyone is more comfortable, using a CMMS System can help.

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Here are a few devices that help bring the warmth to wherever you need it.


Plenum-rated Heaters

These heaters work particularly well for those areas where you cannot ideally run duct work through the traditional HVAC system. These areas include places like sun rooms and attics but can work well for additions as well. These also work ideally for areas outside like parking garages and can easily be tucked away in the ceiling and then branched out so that every area is heated evenly.


Utility Well House/Pump House Heaters

These heaters are perfect for buildings that are separate from the main building like a pump house, storage area, or a building that stands alone. The great thing about these is that you do not have to add any duct work, piping, or electrical cords and they work great with very little maintenance. What is good about using these for outside buildings is that they are very durable and cannot be tampered with. Plus, you can use a variety of voltages which is also convenient.


Radiant/Infrared Heaters

While these are for outside areas, radiant or infrared heaters are great additions for heating specific zones or melting snow. Since they also warm people instead of the area surrounding them, it is an excellent addition for break areas or gathering areas where people are exposed to the elements. They also help diminish wind and rain and there are no fans so you do not have to worry about pollen, allergens, dust, etc blowing around. The electric ones do not need propane or gas so they are safer and cleaner heaters.


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Some of these heaters are also perfect for outdoor use and outside buildings and a Computerized Maintenance Management System can help manage them!



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