Cleaning Your Own Department Is Part Of Preventative Maintenance

May 13, 2016
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When running a maintenance department, hopefully you keep up with all of your preventative maintenance duties in order to keep the property maintained.  However, keeping your own maintenance shop clean should be part of your preventative maintenance plan.  


A clean shop has a wealth of benefits that are more than just aesthetic appeal.  Here are just a few:


Locating Items

Sometimes it is hard enough to find things in a maintenance department but with one that is disorganized, it is even harder.  A clean and organized maintenance department is one that makes it easier on everyone from the employees to management and everything from paperwork to tools is easier to find when you're not having to move stuff out of the way just to look.



A dirty and disorganized maintenance shop is not only hard to maneuver, it is also a safety hazard.  Sticky or slippery floors are a hazard and items left lying around in the way can make it an ideal place for an accident.  Make sure that floors and walkways are clear from debris and items that pose a risk for slips and falls.  Ensure that the floors are safe to walk on and that hazardous materials are kept safely out of the way until needed.



One of the big turn-offs for customers and management is a maintenance shop that is dirty or not kept organized. Some customers may think that if you keep your maintenance shop that way then why should they expect you to maintain their area or show pride in the work that you do for them.  On the flip side, a well-organized and clean maintenance department shows pride in the company and that reflects on the work that you do for others.


The great thing about using a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) program is that you are able to schedule any type of preventative maintenance and that includes your own maintenance department.


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A clean facility makes it easier to find things, it is safer for everyone, and it definitely looks more professional, so be sure that you take a little extra time to show some TLC to your facility.



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