Can a CMMS Program Help You Transition to Organic Lawn Care?

May 17, 2017
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Organic lawn care is something that some have been doing for years but there is a little to know about it so you can decide if it is right for your facility.



Organic Vs Inorganic Fertilizer

Inorganic fertilizer is known to cause numerous problems like certain types of cancer, nausea, ADHD, and even infertility. In animals it can also cause cancers and at times causes algae that is harmful to marine life. On the other hand, organic fertilizer does not cause issues to animals, humans, or marine life. In fact, Organic lawn care is a compost of a combination of all sorts of natural things from manure to sewage sludge to phosphorous.


Cost and Time of Organic Vs Inorganic Lawn Care

One of the problems that is an issue is that organic lawn care is more costly and takes more time than inorganic lawn care. Part of the cost is that organic lawn care requires more maintenance than regular lawn care. For one, it is recommended to use a push mower and to make sure to leave the clippings on the lawn because they have nutrients that your soil needs and best of all, they are biodegradable.


Reducing Emissions

It is worth it because there are quite a few things done with regular lawn care that causes harm to the environment and even to your lawn itself. For instance, the manufacturing of inorganic lawn management creates gasses including greenhouse gasses and these are bad for the water. Plus, these gasses kill the earthworms that make the soil lose.


Harmful Pesticides

You might notice that pesticides will state they they only contain a minimal amount of active ingredients – usually around 5%, which does not seem like a lot. However, the other ingredients that are in the pesticides are as harmful usually as the active ingredients that you need to watch out for.


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It is ultimately your decision on whether or not you have the time and the money to convert to an organic lawn but the long-term benefits are very much worth the time and expense you have at the onset and a CMMS program from Maintenance Care can help.


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