Be Winter Ready with Computerized Maintenance Management Software

November 9, 2015
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With winter just around the corner, those who live in colder climates know how important it is to start getting prepared. Even maintenance departments in warmer climates have to begin preparations for the winter weather.


Here are a few winter maintenance checklist items to keep in mind so that your facility stays ahead of the game.


Roof Inspection

During the winter, roofs in areas that have snowfall really take a beating. By checking ahead of time, your maintenance department can find any problems early and fix them ahead of time. Make sure that shingles, vents, drains, gutters, and all parts of the roof are in good repair and able to handle a heavy snowfall. In some places, installing ice check breakers is a good idea to prepare for the upcoming white stuff. 


HVAC System Check

HVAC systems are always in need of excellent preventative maintenance and in preparation of the winter, it is even more important. Have your system inspected and optimized by a professional but at the very least, make sure it is maintained properly and every little detail is checked over before it becomes a larger problem.


Safety Inspections

Make sure that all areas where guests and employees will be, are safe and maintained properly. For instance, walkways, entry ways, doorways, and entrances will be easily accessible and that there is a specific protocol in place for where excess snow will be shoveled or blown.


Insulation is Integral

Your insulation should be inspected so that a loss of heat is minimized, thus creating less wasted power and a lower power bill.


Pipes are Important

Make sure that pipes are inspected as well so that you don't have freezing temperatures becoming a factor and causing frozen pipes that are expensive to repair. Not to mention the damage that can be done from burst pipes.


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These are only a few of the many checklist items to do in preparation for winter but these are definitely a few of the major ones. You can make these preventative maintenance tasks easier with a Computerized Maintenance Management Software program through Maintenance Care.



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