Be Prepared For Extreme Weather Conditions with CMMS

October 26, 2015
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A golf course in Newton, New Jersey recently showcased how much weather conditions can really affect maintenance plans. According to the Newton Country Club’s longtime superintendent Les Carpenter:


“The season has provided a series of peaks and valleys from one extreme to the other with only a handful of days presenting ideal conditions for maintenance crews. May was extremely dry, June was extremely wet and July is going to set a record for dryness again. The problems that you have, besides drought or drying out issues, is if you have the high heat and humidity, it prompts us to have to prevent some disease problems and fungus. The dry, humid month of July forced crews to begin to scout specific areas of their golf courses, or “indicator areas,” where the first signs of disease usually appear to halt any onset of disease to the turf.”


These extreme weather conditions posed a real challenge for this golf course and does the same for maintenance workers who have outside areas to take care of.


Keep Up With Challenges 

One way to help keep up with these maintenance challenges is to be prepared with CMMS which is a Computerized Maintenance Management Software program. Using this can help you find the variables in your maintenance tasks and by being able to schedule in advance, you can take care of other issues more easily.


Prepare For Surprises

As a maintenance manager, you know that you can't always prepare for the future because between the weather, surprise repairs, and other variables, the work can change from moment to moment. However, you can be more prepared and more on top of things by using this program and making your job easier to handle more smoothly and efficiently.


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While you can't always schedule certain tasks until you scout the areas, you can schedule that particular task and by having it set up, it does not get forgotten and there is no question of whose turn it is or who is supposed to be doing it – making it easier to have a happy work crew.


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