Be Flexible at the Holidays With Your Maintenance Scheduling Software

December 22, 2014
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With the holidays just around the corner, it can be difficult to keep your employees motivated during the season. Most people think of children and how excited they get but many adults enjoy the holiday season just as much as kids and work can start to suffer, no matter how professional your staff is.



There are a few ways that you can motivate your employees to stay productive and still not seem like a Scrooge.  Being accomodating with the Maintenance Scheduling Software will help ensure that everyone enjoys all of the activities around the festive season. 


Make it Fun

Most places of employment have some kind of seasonal party. Even if you have a very small facility, you can still have a holiday lunch or if you celebrate Christmas – exchange a small gift. It's not so much the size of the gift or event but the thought behind it. Plus, it breaks up the momentum of everyday work so that your employees have something to look forward to.

Give Thanks

Giving thanks isn't just for Thanksgiving (for those in the United States, that is). Make your employees feel appreciated and they'll want to work harder. The holiday season can be particularly stressful and even more so on those who have problems you may not even be aware of. Keep in mind that not everyone is happy during the holidays due to not having family or losing someone during the holidays in the past. Whatever the reason, giving thanks is important in making your employees feel like giving back.

Bring On the Food

Food, and especially free food, is a big motivator and you'd be surprised at those looking forward to showing up for work, knowing that there is a big lunch or dinner planned. If you don't have the budget to cater everything by yourself, have a potluck type meal where each person brings in something from home. It promotes camaraderie and gives your employees the incentive to want to be at work.

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While these motivators are perfect ideas to keep your employees happy, the work still has to be done. If you manage your Maintenance Scheduling Software with a flexible plan, you can go ahead and schedule tasks in advance so that you have time to plan your holiday events around your facility. You can choose specifics days and even certain times so that everyone can be around to enjoy the fun you have planned for the holidays.


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