Are You Practicing Proactive or Reactive Preventative Maintenance?

June 10, 2016
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There are two important factors in running an efficient maintenance department – preventative and proactive maintenance. While most facilities have some form of preventative maintenance, proactive maintenance is different.


Reactive vs Proactive

For example, if you reward your maintenance crew for repairing equipment that is fine, but a better reward is to make sure that the equipment stays in a condition that doesn't need repairs in the first place by performing proactive maintenance. Fixing the equipment is reactive maintenance while proactive maintenance is similar to preventative maintenance where the equipment is taken care of before it needs repair. 


Less is More

This is a way of running things that works out better for everyone involved. There are less repair costs, less downtime for equipment, and less frustration when something is broken.  The three main approaches to making this change is to take a look at your reactive maintenance, predictive maintenance, which is also your preventative or proactive maintenance.


Preventative Notification

By using CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software), you have the ability to schedule your preventative maintenance and ensure that it is done automatically. This gives you the proper planning and scheduling so that you don't have to stay on top of things as much. While you're still staying on top of the things that need to be done, you do not have to constantly make schedules to do PM's or call someone down to the shop to do it. You simply schedule it in advance and once it is time for the job to be done, the software sends the work order.



It can be hard to make changes but change is sometimes good for the betterment of the company and everyone involved. By being more proactive than reactive, you will see a change in how often equipment has failures and that your employees are more apt to ensure that it doesn't happen.



You can't predict all equipment issues and nor can you always know what is going to happen in your maintenance department but you can get started on making your facility run better and have less downtime.


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Maintenance Care has everything you need in a CMMS and whether it's work order, asset tracking, preventative maintenance, access to reports, or remote access – there are all the components to an efficient and successful maintenance department. 


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