American Disabilities Act and Maintenance Scheduling Software

December 24, 2014
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Running a Maintenance Department keeps you busy with all kinds of rules and regulations but one in particular that must be complied with in the United States is the American Disabilities Act (ADA). 


Keeping up with the criteria is important because if there is a violation, you and/or your company can be fined or in a worse case scenario, sued by the person who was affected. You also have to not only cater to your customers but your employees as well when it comes to these regulations.  The good news is that you can ensure that you are compliant with Maintenance Scheduling Software.


Updated Guidelines

One thing to make sure of is to keep informed of any updated guidelines from the American Disabilities Act (ADA). This ensures that you are compliant at all times and can keep your staff on top of changes that may need to be met. While most changes were made years ago, there are regulations that have to be met even if you have a newer facility that was compliant at the time it was built.


For instance, businesses with a swimming pool recently had to install a lift shower chair at their swimming pool. While not everyone made these changes, you could be in violation if it is not done. And even if you don't get fined because no one has checked yet, all it takes is one complaint from a customer who is disabled or has a disabled family member who is not able to use the pool in accordance of the rules.


Effective Tracking

One way to keep on top of regulations and changes is to be able to not only schedule preventative maintenance but to be able to track costs. Maintenance Scheduling Software allows you to schedule preventative maintenance and it allows you to make notes and keep up with when these tasks were taken care of so that you always have an accurate record of what changes were made, when they were done, and in the notes section, you can even add expenses.


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By having a way to track your updates and scheduled tasks, you can be sure that your Maintenance Facility stays on top of the regulations so that you are protected from violations, fines, and potential lawsuits. Maintenance Scheduling Software will help in so many ways, but at the very least, you'll know that you can keep up with what is a necessity in your business, American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.



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