A Four-Year Outlook on HVAC Emerging Trends. How Can CMMS help?

December 5, 2016
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From 2016 – 2020, there are some exciting trends in the global market of HVAC units. These trends are innovative and were recently featured in a report by Technavio.


The top four emerging trends driving the global air conditioning market according to Technavio research analysts are:

  • Increased popularity of smart thermostats
  • Rapid adoption of inverter ACs
  • Demand for integrated systems
  • Introduction of air purifying technology


Smart Thermostats

The innovation of smart thermostats allows the user to control their thermostat remotely from computers as well as mobile devices via an app specifically created for this. These thermostats not only monitor the temperature but also keep up with the humidity and can alter the cooling cycle.


Inverter Air Conditioners

Already popular in other countries such as Japan, Inverter AC units reduce energy consumption up to an amazing 30%. How this works is that they switch off once the desired temperature is reached and this happens through the variable speed compressor. They are way less expensive than a central heat and air unit, use up less space, and are easy to install. When compared to a traditional window unit, they are up to 50% cheaper to use.


Integrated Systems

Integrated systems work by allowing control from a single interface. These are streamlined systems that are popular in buildings such as hotels, schools, and hospitals. They allow for better energy efficiency since the controller can provide better comfort based on the number of occupants at one time instead of just a specific temperature that the system is typically left at.


Air Purifying Technology

Having clean air is important to most people and by integrating air purifying technology with the air conditioning unit, you get double the benefits. These units contain filtration that is multiple layers and the air is rid of impurities through active technologies. For instance, Panasonic has integrated Nanoe-G technology into its ACs, which makes air hygienic by neutralizing bacteria, viruses, and allergens through the release of small water molecules that have hydroxyl radicals. Another one is by Daikin and this one uses streamer discharge technology to remove unpleasant odors and allergens such as mites, mold, and pollen.


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If you are considering any of these for your facility,  be sure to have a good Computertized maintenance managemant software in place. CMMS makes upkeep and asset tracking seemless and organized.

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