3 Ways to Plan for Breakdowns Using Preventive Maintenance Software

June 6, 2014
1 min

How does one exactly plan for maintenance issues and breakdowns? With Preventive Maintenance Software, you can actually do this a lot better than before and keep your facility running more smoothly. Here are a few tips on how to plan for downtime using a good PM Program.



1) Trend

By trending the work orders from the past, you can keep up with areas that seem to be prone to breakdowns. Whether it's equipment malfunctions or areas of the facility you work in that show problems, by keeping up with the history, you can effectively have a better idea of when there may be a problem. Doing this analysis is almost impossible without have a record of it, you have everything saved where it can be accessed with a touch of a button. Not only is the software mobile but you can also share your data findings with others such as your manager or the company owner. It's much easier than trying to sort through repair paperwork or past work orders. You'll also see where there may be a trend in equipment failure or the times of year that certain maintenance needs prioritizing above others.


2) Prioritize

By having an analysis of your data you can prioritize preventive maintenance. You can control how the work orders are carried out and give special priority to the items that show more need through your data history.


3) Analyse

Equipment data is paramount in keeping your facility running smoothly. By using the asset tracking features of a Maintenance Software, you can see exactly when the item was purchased, any repairs it has needed, and all of your warranty information. This equipment data can help you determine which equipment needs replacing or which equipment simply needs a repair. The cost effective determination is easier to make when you have all of the history right at your command.


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No matter what type of facility you run, this information will make things easier and your facility will run more smoothly. You won't have to worry about hunting down paperwork or finding what you need when it comes time to make replacements and that makes running your facility easier than ever before.



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