With CMMS, Providing Breaks Positively Affects Employee Productivity

August 29, 2016
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Employees taking breaks may seem like something that puts a halt to productivity, but according to a study done by Staples Advantage, this is actually not the case. Instead, providing the right environment and enough breaks actually makes a huge difference on employee morale and productivity.


Here are a few examples:

“The survey found that 46 percent of respondents said that burnout plays a role in decreased productivity. Facility managers can help workers combat burnout and stay focused by encouraging them to step away from their desks for brief periods of time. In fact, 71 percent of respondents felt that taking a break helped them improve productivity.

In addition to breaks, a well-stocked kitchen, including coffee, snacks and sanitary cutlery, can increase productivity. Approximately 69 percent of workers like being offered snacks, yet only 43 percent of offices offer them. Offering employees snacks not only keeps them happy and more productive, it can minimize employees leaving the office, which results in lost productivity. A previous Staples Advantage study suggests that more than 85 million people leave their offices routinely to get “specialty” coffee. Respondents estimated each trip taking 20 to 40 minutes, equating to more than two billion minutes each day, or 10.6 billion hours per year, of lost productivity.”

There are certain things that you can keep ready for your employees that include healthy snacks and beverage options. For instance, having snacks that are healthier instead of sweet or salty options. Instead of chips and candy bars try offering granola bars or trail mix. Make sure your employees have access to their favorite beverages and that there are utensils, paper products, etc. Some larger companies even have popcorn machines. It's a cheap alternative that isn't the most unhealthy thing in the world and can really boost your employees' morale.


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Having a good CMMS program will help keep you and your employees more organized and that makes it easier to schedule breaks.


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