Why You Really Need CMMS For Your Maintenance Department

September 9, 2016
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Think of your facility work tasks and equipment investments like a vehicle. You have to keep up with issues and do regular maintenance so that the car runs efficiently.


For instance, an oil change typically has to be done every 3000 miles or every few months. If that is forgotten and believe us, some people do forget, the vehicle will stop running. Your facility is similar, because without keeping up with preventative maintenance or equipment maintenance, it will start to fall apart.


Stay Organized

The thing about a maintenance department is that, instead of keeping up with one car, you have multiple pieces of equipment and multiple preventative maintenance tasks to follow through with. Whether the facility is large or small, CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) allows you to keep up with everything going on and ensure that nothing is forgotten or mismanaged.


Keep Track 

Let's say you run the maintenance department for a healthcare facility for the aged. Your department probably keeps up with tasks throughout the building and perhaps even the grounds outside. You most likely have tools or equipment that are used during the course of the day.  Asset Management and Preventative maintenance tasks are vital to the functionality of the facility. Without the proper data, things are harder to manage.


Using CMMS To Manage Your Facility

Preventative Maintenance Tasks: Preventative maintenance is easily set up in advance and the worker gets the task as soon as it is time to do it. It's not forgotten because you are able to set it up on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis and you can even choose the time of day.

Equipment Management: Manage all of your equipment with CMMS and track its lifespan, any repairs, make, model, date bought, and even upload user manuals.

Regular Maintenance: Regular work tasks are easily scheduled the same way preventative maintenance is scheduled.

Reports: Run reports easily and remotely.


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No matter what kind of facility you run, CMMS helps you do it better and you will have less work to do and more efficiency at your facility.

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