When Using CMMS, Don't Forget Locations and Floor Plans

June 29, 2016
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When running a maintenance department for a large place like a hospital, apartment complex, or even a hotel – it is important to not only take care of the work tasks and preventative maintenance - it is important to be able to designate locations as well, which can be done in your CMMS program.


Let's say that you have an hotel or apartment complex that your maintenance department takes care of. There is

Building A – G and each building has nine floors. In certain buildings there are areas like a pool area, a common area,

a workout area or gym, an office and more.


Save Time - Don't Get Lost

Now while your veteran employees most likely know where every single area is and how to get there, when you have a large facility with multiple employees – sometimes new employees need help finding things. This may not be something that happens every day, but every time an employee has to ask where to find something or doesn't ask and gets lost, precious time is wasted and the employee can become frustrated. Not to mention whoever happens to be waiting on a maintenance call at the other end. With CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) from Maintenance Care, you are able to add notes and even upload important paperwork – paperwork like the floor plans for large buildings.


Reduce Confusion

Another way that this is a helpful way to handle work orders is that rooms and sections do not get confused. For instance, Building A has room 107 but so does Buildings B through G. An employee goes to room 107 in the wrong building and causes a delay in getting the work done and wastes time. Now you might think that of course the building name will be included but you might be surprised at how often this gets overlooked, especially when there is a lot going on.


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Since you can set this up in the CMMS in advance, there is never any question about which building, section, or number to go to when there is a work order or preventative maintenance needed.

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