Using CMMS to Achieve Total Productive Maintenance

August 7, 2017
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Total Productive Maintenance is something that uses the entire effort of your maintenance team. The concept is that by maintaining equipment and emphasizing proactive and preventive maintenance it will eventually lead to fewer breakdowns, a safer workplace, and better overall performance.



Total Productive Maintenance means no defects, no breakdowns, and no slow running or small stops. Last but not least it means no accidents, which is something all departments should try to achieve. Known as TPM for short, it consists of eight supporting activities and a 5S foundations.p-


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Supporting Activities

  1. Autonomous Maintenance
  2. Planned Maintenance
  3. Quality Integration
  4. Focused Improvement
  5. Early Equipment Management
  6. Training and Education
  7. Safety, Health, and Environment
  8. TPM in Administration


5S Foundations:

  • Sort (eliminate anything that is not truly needed in the work area)
  • Set in Order (organize the remaining items)
  • Shine (clean and inspect the work area)
  • Standardize (create standards for performing the above three activities)
  • Sustain (ensure the standards are regularly applied)


Actionable Ownership

When you use CMMS to achieve Total Productive Maintenance that means means that everyone on your team has access to it. This allows your team to make to-do lists, check how a machine is performing, and overall gives your employees a better ownership of the equipment which leads them to want to ensure its health. TPM also creates an environment where maintenance tasks are shared among everyone and this takes pressure off of the individuals and promtes teamwork.


Bottom Line Goals

The bottom line goal is to ensure that everyone is involved which creates the following helpful advantages:

  • Gives operators greater ownership of equipment
  • Increases their knowledge of their equipment
  • Ensures equipment is well cleaned and lubricated
  • Identifies issues before they become failures
  • Frees maintenance personnel for higher-level tasks


Using your CMMS to capture information from all areas of your business gives you a complete view of your facility, which helps improve efficiency and productivity across the organization.


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