Using a CMMS Program To Make Your Bathrooms More High Tech

October 20, 2017
1 min

While restrooms aren’t the most exciting thing about a building, they are definitely needed and used more than any other room – on average. As a maintenance department, you probably get most of your complaints about the restrooms, or at least statistics show that this is where a high number of complaints originate.


This is why the bathroom facilities are of utmost importance for any maintenance department and putting a little technology to work, will help you to maintain your bathrooms more efficiently.


A Smart Bathroom

What if you could build a better bathroom? One that uses technology to help you do your job better and theoretically, build a better bathroom. In fact, web-enabled sensors embedded in hand-towel, bath-tissue, and soap dispensers to wirelessly transmit refill needs to a web application, can be invaluable.


Automatic Tasks

Intelligent bathrooms gather data that can then be used to disperse employees where they are needed. While the old way still works where someone gets a report that something needs refilling or fixing, it is much easier to have an app notify you when it has to be done.


Stay Stocked

Knowing what needs ordering when you need it is much easier with intelligent bathroom technology. You have a better grasp on your inventory and can use your budget much more efficiently. You will always have a fully stocked bathroom, customers will be pleased and your inventory records will be accurate. You will also be able to track traffic patterns so you will know which bathrooms need the most attention. 


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A CMMS Program is another form of technology that helps you keep, not just your bathrooms in shape, but the rest of your maintenance department. You are able to schedule work orders, set up preventative maintenance, and run reports with ease. That’s not all, you can also keep up with your equipment’s life expectancy and know where your inventory is. Isn’t technology an awesome thing?

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