Use CMMS And Stop Being A Micromanager

December 25, 2015
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Pretty much everyone hates to be micromanaged. Not only does it cause unnecessary stress, but it doesn't usually benefit anyone.


However, at a County Road Maintenance Administration in Rio Arriba County, that is exactly what is being done in order to get things done. 

Naranjo said "while it isn’t necessarily appropriate to micromanage County employees, the road maintenance situation requires special attention."

“I don’t think we, as County commissioners, should concern ourselves with the daily operations of our employees, unless we continue to get complaints,” he said. “I hear we jump from job to job. I can understand, especially, given the rain we’ve had in past three days, but a lot our taxpayers are being completely ignored.”


Understanding The Problem

Commissioner Barney Trujillo joined Naranjo in expressing his dissatisfaction with the Department’s overall performance. He criticized the lack of thoroughness of one road-repair job that crews had to revisit several times to redo work they already completed.  While he said he understands the band-aid approach the first time the problem surfaced, the temporary fix is not acceptable a second and third time.


Creating a Solution

While we hardly suggest micromanagement, you can at least keep up with who is doing what with a CMMS program which is a Computerized Maintenance Management Software program. This program allows you to schedule work tasks and preventative maintenance, plus so much more.  Being able to track all of your employees, you know in advance if something isn't done, rather than it being a surprise down the road (pardon the pun) like with this County Road Maintenance Administration.


Multi-Tiered Approach 

You can allow your maintenance team access to submitting maintenance requests easily through a customized web form, receiving facility-wide requests directly from others who discover potential issues and you can allow users to submit requests using regular desktop computers, mobile tablets, kiosks or any web-enabled device.


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CMMS from Maintenance Care will keep yourself and your employees organized and accountable.  It makes tracking work orders quick and easy so you know if anything is being forgotten. Let the software do the micromanaging so you can spend time being an efficient manager which will keep everyone happier.



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