Transitioning from Paper to Data with a CMMS Program

July 5, 2017
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When it comes to implementing a CMMS program at your facility, there are a few changes that you will love. Some people may be under the impression that everything will change and no one will know what to do. Nothing could be further from the truth; a program such as this is helpful in making your job a bit easier, iand freeing up time. You get the same job done but done faster and easier.



Paper Based System

If you run a maintenance department for a hotel or condominium then you probably have a system where your employees pick up the paperwork from the office and head out to do their job. After the job is done, the paperwork is returned. Most of the time, that paperwork is not used again or put aside somewhere where you have to depend on what the employee remembers about the task.


Technology Based System

With CMMS, the work orders are all done electronically so that the employees do not have to go back and forth to the office and you know what is going on much faster. In fact, even while away from the office or out in the field, they can access their work orders electronically and never have to make a special trip back to the office.


Easy Transition from Paper to Technology 

Not only that but the paperwork is minimized but you can still access reports with the touch of a button. All of the information needed is right there for you to look at and it shows you when the work was done, who did it, what location, and any notes that are needed for your records. These easily accessed notes are perfect for when you need information for your own boss or whenever you need to look something up in a hurry.


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The thing about paperwork work orders is that by filing them away, you are not getting the needed information from them. With data through a CMMS program, you have all of the data at your fingertips whether you need it or not.


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