Things to Look for in a CMMS Program

November 17, 2017
1 min

As a maintenance department manager, you have to ensure that everything runs smoothly and keeps running even when times are tough. A CMMS program helps make that happen but how do you know what to look for in a CMMS program? Here are a few tips on choosing what is right for your needs.



User Friendly

In order for everyone to be able to use the program effectively should be user friendly. In fact, it should be as easy as using a Smartphone after the initial setup which should also be user friendly. You will not be left alone in this process, our implementation team is dedicated at making sure your set up process is painless. We have developed a proven method for implementation that poses minimal interruption to your daily work, yet accomplishes its goal of getting everyone comfortable with Maintenance Care.


Takes Care of Immediate Needs

A program that is right for you should take care of your immediate needs. That means that whether you have one facility or five, it easily integrates into the workplace.


Long Term Care

As well as taking care of immediate needs, the CMMS program you choose should also be able to change along with the company and your maintenance facility’s needs. Companies evolve, maintenance department’s evolve, and you need a Computerized Maintenance Management Program that evolves easily and effectively.


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Support and Training

Making sure that you have all of the support and training you need is another concern when choosing a CMMS program. At Maintenance Care, our training staff will make sure that your entire team learns all about the various aspects of Maintenance Care including simple things like managing maintenance requests or navigating through the mobile app to more complex items such as running reports or managing assets.


There are many aspects in choosing the right program for your needs as well as the needs of your maintenance department and we are with you every step of the way here at Maintenance Care.


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