The Many Ways to Take Care of Your CMMS Program

September 12, 2016
1 min

Your CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software program takes care of your maintenance department, so here are a few ways to show the love to the CMMS so it continues to work well for your needs. 


Clean Up on Aisle 4

In all seriousness, your CMMS needs the clutter removed from time to time. From employees and vendors who are no longer active with the company to equipment that is no longer available and tasks that are not relevant – take the time to clear out some of the clutter to ensure that your CMMS isn't bogged down with extra data that is not needed.


Keep it Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining a CMMS program that is the most beneficial to your company. Take the time to use it daily and add tasks before they are needed. You need to do the same thing with your data entry. It is more useful to have entries and listings that are similar across the board rather than using different verbiage or abbreviations for similar tasks. Doing the latter makes it harder to locate items in the CMMS, which costs time.


The Devil's in the Details

Details are important, even the small ones. When you enter data, make sure that you aren't taking shortcuts to save time. Add as many details as necessary so you can refer to them later and aren't missing key information. Upload paperwork, invoices, and documents so they're not lost and can be found easily within the system.


Check Out New Features

When there are new features available, check them out. Many people don't like change but if a new feature is added, rest assured that it is there for your benefit, not to make life harder. Sometimes these new features will be something you wonder how you lived without in the past. And if there is a part of the system you're not sure about or don't use as much, find out what it can do to help you out at your facility.


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CMMS makes your life easier and by taking care of these areas, you're able to do a lot more with the software and have a whole lot more help in day to day operations.


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