The Many Benefits of a Mobile CMMS

April 1, 2016
1 min

Most companies try to change with the times and becoming more mobile is part of our ever-growing technology. Running a maintenance department has its ups and downs, but one thing is for sure – there are many benefits of a mobile CMMS program and here are a few.


Easier Communication

How many times have you made a work task at the last minute then lost it or something got lost in translation once you told someone what needed to be done? You write down the work order then it sometimes gets lost on your desk or someone takes it and it doesn't get done on time, or, at all. With mobile CMMS from Maintenance Care, you are able to send the work order immediately to the employee you designate to receive it.


Take Notes

There is no chance of them not hearing what you said or you trying to locate them. The app works efficiently and immediately. Not only that, but there are places to make notes, add in what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, where, and more.  It also allows you to keep up with what work tasks were done and the same thing applies when it comes to who, what, when, and where. This makes paperwork a breeze.


Seamless Transition 

Along with excellent communication, you have seamless transition from the inception of the work order to the finish of the work task. In fact, you can even set up other areas of work to do such as preventative maintenance and then it automatically sends on the scheduled date. Since everything is done through the software, you can track everything in real time. The employee gets it automatically and once it's done, you are able to see that it was completed.


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Mobile CMMS from Maintenance Care has a wealth of benefits and these are just a few that will help you run your maintenance department more efficiently, more easily, and with records that are always correct.

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