Teaching Employees About CMMS and How to Use It

May 15, 2017
1 min

Let’s face it, not everyone is great at teaching others how to do things and some of you probably hate it just as much as some employees hate learning something new. And while some people will take to something new right away, others may have a harder time learning it.


Here are a few tips on teaching your employees how to use a new CMMS program in a way that might just help everyone enjoy it more and it be learned faster.


Let Them Do It 

One of the best teaching methods when it comes to learning new software is to let the employee try it themselves. Sure, you can show them how to do it and the correct way it is to be done but there is no reason not to let them have a hands-on experience. In fact, according to some statistics:


“Someone watching a software demo might be able to reproduce 10% of what was shown to them, be able to figure out 20%, learn another 20% from their coworkers, and completely forget the other half, to be picked up later on slowly, or not at all.”


It is best to follow a line of repetitive teaching. Just like learning a musical instrument or how to drive, by doing something over and over, it eventually becomes second nature. Take about a half hour to allow them to use it then do it another day. Using hours and hours of their time is not going to do anything but make them get tired or bored.


Show the Benefits

Make sure the employees know how much of a benefit this is to them by showing them why they should even care about learning it. For instance:


Job Security

Job security may be improved by there being less of a financial pressure on the maintenance department to perform duties. A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) can actually help with less downtime, less confusion on work tasks, better preventative maintenance, and less overall headaches making work easier.  Having kknowledge of software is a skill that can be carried on to another job, as well as it being valuable to the current workplace – making their job more secure.


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Having CMMS is invaluable and teaching should be easy and fun if you make it that way.


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