Staying Compliant in Healthcare with CMMS

December 23, 2016
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Working in a hospital in any capacity means taking care of your surroundings and this includes doing quality work and being efficient. The very core of what you do can affect the outcome of a patient's health and in some cases, can mean life and death. Whether it is an important work task that is missed or equipment failure – these are all things that a hospital relies on as well as the patients within.


The core center of the hospital's longevity is the hospital maintenance staff and what better way to ensure that they can do their jobs properly than with CMMS, which is Computerized Maintenance Management Software. The other issue is keeping up with regulations and another area where maintenance is key, is compliance and regulations.


Ensure Compliant Work Is Completed

For example, something as simple as adhering to the Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA) means that work has to be scheduled specifically so that workers are not exposed to medical and personal history of a patient. This can make it difficult to schedule cleaning or other maintenance duties which is where CMMS comes in handy. It allows you to schedule tasks in advance so that you don't have to worry that someone is where they are not supposed to be.  The IT Department is another area that has certain protocols in order to maintain and adher to compliance. In addition, HCAHPS surveys, Joint Commission requirements, and Department of Health rules can  impact everything that you do in a healthcare setting.


Following Set Guidelines Made Easier

With the complexity of these regulations and remaining compliant, maintenance workers cannot simply fix something that isn't working without having set guidelines on how things are to be done. Tasks must be put in a specific priority and standards must be adhered to which can complicate things. On top of all of that, the work still has to be done by a certain standard and this is why CMMS can ensure that everything gets done at the right time, the right way, and by the rules set forth by the healthcare center and state/provincial and country regulations.


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CMMS simplifies communication, and allows the processing and execution of work orders in a way that keeps everyone compliant.


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