Spreadsheets vs CMMS – We Already Know The Winner

May 16, 2016
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When it comes to spread sheets, they were an integral part of a maintenance department a few years ago.  Many facilities replaced their calenders and sticky notes for spreadsheets and for a while, that was a good idea.


There is an even better idea out there and it's called CMMS, which stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Software.  Sound complicated?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Here are a few ways that CMMS outperforms spread sheets and how it helps your maintenance departmemnt run more seamlessly.


Preventative Maintenance Improvement

As you well know, preventative maintenance is what helps run the entire facility.  Without having something in place that alerts employees when the PM should be done, it is easily overlooked which leads to more problems later on. With CMMS, preventative maintenance work tasks are sent to the employee automatically since they are set up in advance within the system.  No one forgets and the work orders can be set up months in advance.


Reports Made Easier

Sure, you can make plenty of reports in spreadsheets but they're not the most user-friendly thing out there, or at least they are not as easy to use as CMMS.  Whether it's pie charts, scatter diagrams, or bar graphs – the reports are not only professional but attractive and showcase your professionalism as a facility manager.  They are also easily accessible at any time and from any place with an Internet connection.


Work Order Management

Work order management is integral to your facility and what makes CMMS so great is that it does so much more than spreadsheets.  Work orders are sent out automatically, preventative maintenance and even equipment inventory is within the system, and more.  Another thing that spreadsheets cannot do is report back to you.  With CMMS, an employee can make their own notes that report back to you immediately.  You'll know when something is done, who did it, where it was done, and what was done.  You may be able to type these kinds of notes in a spreadsheet but it certainly won't be automatic.


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For us and for your needs, CMMS is the clear winner when it comes to using spreadsheets.

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