Stop Spending Time Putting Out Fires, Start Working Smart with cMMS

January 22, 2018
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Unless you’re actually a firefighter, spending time putting out fires only puts you further behind at work. The little emergencies that pop up can not only seem endless, but they take time away from doing other things.


For instance, the staff is prepared for their work day with work orders and preventative maintenance tasks when a machine breaks down, someone calls in sick, an emergency work order comes up, or anything that throws a wrench in the normal day’s activities. With CMMS, you can actually stay further ahead of things so that those little fires that have to be put out do not ruin the whole day and put everyone behind.

If your maintenance department is already pressed for time and let’s face it, when isn’t that a factor – there isn’t time for things that happen unexpectedly. Here is how CMMS helps keep you from getting behind so when work emergencies happen, they are not something that affects the workplace negatively.


Quality Issues

A CMMS can help isolate steps that have been partially completed or missed entirely by a few select workers. This may indicate a need for better defined preventative maintenance tasks or more detailed training – or both.


Faster Preparations, Set-Ups, and Expediting

One of the biggest time wasters is setting up, preparing, and expediting work orders and preventative maintenance measures. Doing these things with regular paperwork takes time and can get lost even after you’ve spend hours or your entire day preparing it. Even expediting a work order takes more time without CMMS because the employee has to come back to the shop just to get an order when they can easily get it via the software mobile app and not even have to leave the area they are in.


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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is also kept up with easier because once you set up the dates, times, and jobs in the system, it automatically sends out the work order when that time comes due. So instead of having to keep up with what needs to be done or sending out someone at the last minute when there may be too much work to keep up with to begin with, everything is set up in the system and is sent out accordingly.


Computerized Maintenance Management Software may not put out all of your fires, but it certainly frees up time to take care of them.

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