Reasons CMMS is Superior to Spreadsheets

February 14, 2018
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Many maintenance department managers realize just how easy it is to use Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) instead of spreadsheets, but for those who are still on the fence or not committed, here are a few reasons CMMS is superior to spreadsheets.



Reliable Data

With spreadsheets, everyone knows it is easy to make a mistake that can really affect the outcome. In fact, Information and Software Technology published findings that stated, “electronic spreadsheets are subject to error as found in 88% of spreadsheets reviewed. Keying errors, incorrectly assigned cells, erroneous data ranges, and formula mistakes are some of the sources of error. As a consequence, errors can skew results and adversely affect company operations.” In fact, one small mistake on an spreadsheet can throw entire numbers off in every section and that can be a costly mistake. You need to be able to depend on the data and spreadsheets are not always reliable when it really counts.


Saving Time

Time is money, but when you are spending all of your time inputting in data into a spreadsheet, it effects both. If are doing the updating yourseld, you are spending valuable time of your work day on just data entry.  If you pay an outside source, or administrative person to do it, you are still have the "time vs. money" scenario.  Updaing the status or work orders, or your preventative maintenace task using a CMMS program, allows you to save time and money and allow you to maximize the time spent on administrative work.


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Spreadsheets are Too Simple

Spreadsheets may allow you to keep up with rudimentary data.  But it will not really allow you to do things like track assets or set up a preventative maintenance program to track costs associated with repair to any piece of equipment, not without spendig alot of time on set up and manual data entry everytime there is an ajustment. At best, you can put in some data on work orders and things like that but in order to really be able to get a full view of your entire workflow, you need something easy to use and comprehensive and that’s CMMS.


Spreadsheets may have worked for you in the past but as your business grows it is imperative to have the most accurate and detailed information possible and with CMMS you have it all at your fingertips. 

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