Real-Time Communication with Mobility via CMMS

April 13, 2018
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No matter what type of work is being done, communication is important. Take for instance a construction site – there are a variety of reasons, including for safety reasons, to enhanced business practices, to increase efficiency and productivity, to make more effective use of construction equipment and just better overall collaboration between all parties involved.


How CMMS Increases Performance

One of most important aspects of any job site is real time collaboration. It keeps everyone involved in-the-know on what is going on throughout the day. This saves both time and money and helps you stay within your budget easier by knowing what is needed, when it is needed, who is working on a project, where everyone is, and an easy way of communication among everyone involved.


Cloud Based Software

With cloud based software, there are a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Keeps clients in the loop, leading to fewer misunderstandings in construction management
  • Improves interactions between the suppliers, vendors and all levels of management
  • Provides accelerated access to key documents with real-time markups to keep everyone on the same page
  • Increases the distribution of resources, ensuring the right tool is always in the right place

CMMS also reduces meeting times by far. Imagine calling a meeting or making an announcement at a moment’s notice – it could take quite some time to provide such an alert in real time or gather up all parties involved with a short notice. Instead, the mobile CMMS allows a user to manage tasks, calculate time spent on a project, receive notifications for preventive maintenance and lookup asset information from their mobile device of choice.


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The great thing about mobility via CMMS is it gives you the option of choosing what type of mobile device you want in your pocket. We built the iMCare App to work on all Apple mobile devices including iPods, iPhones or iPads as well as your choice of Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy. And of course, the CMMS app also works on the Blackberry touch devices such as the Torch or BB10.

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