Pros And Cons Of Streamlining And How CMMS Can Benefit Your Facility

September 9, 2015
1 min

One way an Ohio County School Maintenance Director is streamlining the maintenance facility is by phasing out the warehouse and allowing schools to order things that they need online. However, is this a benefit to the entire maintenance department?


"We have a person working in the warehouse, and he spends most of his time delivering supplies to the schools," he said. "If we are able to phase out the warehouse, we can move him into a daily role in the maintenance department – another way to reduce our work orders."



According the Maintenance Director, he believes streamlining is needed in the county warehouse. He said he would like to phase out the warehouse and allow the schools to purchase items they need online. This has its pros and cons though and as a Maintenance Manager, it's up to you to make the decision that is best for your facility.



Like the Maintenance Director stated, by phasing out the warehouse, the maintenance worker who spent all of his time delivering items can focus on other maintenance tasks and the schools can receive their needed items through the mail system when they order what they need online. This does save time in some cases and can be beneficial in the streamlining process.



There are drawbacks to this however. You have to know that the person doing the ordering knows exactly what it is that they need and there of course, has to be a specific budget and sometimes this will lead to much more paperwork with not having a centralized process. The other issue is that deliveries are less personalized and can be more sporadic. It's much easier to have someone you trust deliver what you need – sometimes the very same day.


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No matter which you choose, it is important to look at all of the pros and cons before actually phasing out an entire way of doing things and CMMS can help. This may work out just perfect for the Ohio School System but it may not be the right choice for your maintenance department and that is what you need to find out first.


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