Prevention is the new Trouble-shooting

February 26, 2020
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As a Facility or Maintenance Manager, your building and equipment are the foundation for a functioning day to day work life. Preventing issues before they arise is your best strategy at winning in the game. We have compiled a list of ways to help you succeed more easily and keep on top of your routines.




Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a tiny little oversight caused a giant issue and resulted in several days of lost time, work, and revenue?

It might have been a parts delivery running late, a service vehicle that just wouldn't start, or a malfunctioning HVAC system that caused you and your team a big headache and made your guests unhappy.


Better Safe than sorry

In those situations, it's great to have outstanding trouble-shooting skills, but it would be better if you didn't have to deal with those situations at all: many preventable issues can be avoided with a bit of strategic planning ahead and a little assistance from your Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS).

Here are a few more reasons to switch your focus to preventative measures:


1. Reliable Equipment, reliable results

You know better than anyone that functioning equipment is the backbone of your daily operations. How else will you achieve the results you set for yourself and deliver outstanding service to your customers? You also know that life happens and sometimes things break and systems fail.

That's when your smart planning ahead pays off because you ordered spare parts ahead or can easily delegate one of your employees who is already on location to take care of the issue.


2. Reducing costs

Reducing CostsOver budget again because the lawn mower broke down? Repairing and replacing equipment is one of your biggest cost factors and therefore one of the first places to scrutinise when trying to reduce your spendings.

Emergencies require fast responses, and an unplanned night-time visit from the plumber will cost you X times as much as a routine inspection scheduled two months in advance.  

Regular maintenance allows you to plan for regular and smaller investments in your equipment and facilities. That means you can more reliably predict and minimise associated costs because your CMMS keeps track of the condition of all assets and informs you about upcoming maintenance, audits, or repairs ahead of time. 


3. Better Safety

Regular maintenance is great for your bank account, and it also gives you peace of mind regarding general safety regulations. Knowing that your team members operate in well kept-up machines and buildings, and that your clients enjoy highest hygienic standards lets you sleep soundly every night and you don't have to be stressed about the next audit. 


4. Making Life easier

Imagine you and everyone on your team had a system on your tablet that keeps track of daily tasks, quarterly maintenance inspections, and yearly audits for you.

You can use that same platform to communicate quickly, set and delegate tasks, and organize all your documentation. Now imagine how much easier your life would be and all the things you could get done in the time saved...

Maintenance Care App

It might be easier to praise someone's great problem-solving skills than recognising another person's amazing preventive measures, but that is exactly what sets apart a good manager from a great one: the ability to recognise and problems before they affect your work.


A custom CMMS system helps your business bridge the gap between good and great so that you can concentrate on being excellent instead of fixing problems that were preventable from the start.

Simply shoot us a message if you want our specialists to find out more or set up a time with our specialists to explore CMMS together. 


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