Preparing Your Facility for the Winter Cold With the Help of CMMS

December 7, 2016
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For some parts of North America, winter is already upon us with snow and freezing temperatures. However, there is a little more time for the rest of us and it is important to take care of a few things to ensure that the winter months are as seamless as possible with little to no issues.


Frozen Pipe Prevention

Frozen pipes cause thousands of dollars in damage each year yet there are ways to prevent your pipes from freezing. Before temperatures drop down to freezing levels, you must ensure that there is proper insulation to your cold water lines. One way to help is to make sure that pipes are buried deep enough – those close to the ground level are more prone to freezing temperatures. Those that are going to be replaced anyway, you might want to consider changing routes so that the area they are in is more heated and less prone to freezing temperatures.

Obviously, leaving the faucets to drip water during freezing temperatures ensures that the pipes won't burst. They may freeze, which is an entirely different issue, but you won't have burst pipes which is even more of a costly endeavor to clean up.


Chiller, Boilers, and General Maintenance

Your boilers and chillers are integral to your facility so make sure that they are serviced before the cold weather really hits. Make sure the air filters are changed out and that things are done such as leak detection, worn parts, and that the winterization of the units are complete. You will also want to check any carbon monoxide detectors to be sure that they are in top condition, especially in the winter months and when temperatures plummet.


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All of these winter prevention tasks can be remembered and scheduled easily with CMMS, which is Computerized Maintenance Management Software. That way, you won't have to set it up and it will not be forgotten. In fact, you can even have it set up in advance for the next season so that it is done automatically since tasks go out that way once they are scheduled to be done. CMMS makes all of your preventative maintenance easier and especially when it is as important as preparing for cold weather and freezing temperatures.New Call-to-Action

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