Pool Electrical Safety is Optimized With A CMMS Program

May 25, 2016
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A family vacationing in Palm Springs, California had a major tragedy recently when the father was killed while in a swimming pool that was not grounded. While there is no word yet on what caused the short, a faulty motor, a wet junction box, faulty wiring, or a light perhaps, there is an easy fix that would have saved his life.


By having a GFI (ground fault interrupter), there would not have been a problem.  As a maintenance department manager of a property that has a swimming pool, you know that this is something that is required by code and even in this case at a home swimming pool, it was required as well.


Safety Risks

Pool electrical safety saves lives and it is imperative to make sure that all safety regulations are up to code and checked on a regular basis. Even with an automatic circuit breaker or ground fault interrupter, there still needs to be regular preventative maintenance on something as important as a swimming pool at your facility.


Prevent Tragedy 

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) ensures that you have a scheduled plan for tasks just like the electrical for the pool. It is easy to use: you simply set up the task on a given day and/or time and the task is automatically sent out once it is time for it to be done. So instead of having to schedule this to be done manually and having to remember it or putting it on a calendar, set it once and it's done as often as you schedule it to be done.


Safety Comes First

It is obvious that a maintenance manager is fully aware of the safety regulations that have to be kept up with but without a solid plan in place of scheduling this work, sometime important issues can be forgotten or not done when they are supposed to be done. With a CMMS program, you don't have to worry about forgetting or that someone didn't get the task.


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This is a very unfortunate tragedy and one that could have been prevented. Make sure that this type of catastrophe does not happen at your facility by being proactive on all preventative and predictive maintenance with CMMS. 

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