Patient Needs And Building Designs Change, Be Ready With CMMS

February 12, 2016
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Healthcare organizations must evolve to meet the trends in a diverse market and with the ever changing needs of the patient, here are a few factors that affect the design of these buildings.


Ease of Use and Accessibility

Flexible space planning is key in having a clinic that is optimized. For instance, a clinic that has space for collaborative needs is effectively utilized by offering a cardiology area, a urology area, etc. or a clinic for women that offers specific areas such as gynecology, pediatrics, etc. By having a well-planned building that caters to a number of like-minded areas, space is used more efficiently and provides a one-stop type of building. This ease of use type of planning incorporates two factors – modules and utilization.


Design Aesthetics

Design is just as important as the other trends when it comes to planning. Factors include privacy, location, ease of entry, handicapped accessible, acoustics, and an overall design aesthetic that is pleasing to all types of people. Keep in mind, that a sterile, cold look will not be as welcoming to new patients; no one wants to feel like they are actually visiting a doctor. You also have to plan your designs around being accessible to all types of patients.


Trends in the Industry

The industry is constantly changing and using these trends to make your design is important. For instance, there are many key areas that affect clinic planning that include but are not limited to legislative, economic, demographic, and cultural. Even technology plays a part in the industry trends for design.

Even those clinics that have been around for years have to take into account the evolution of their patients' needs and work with these changes.  Using CMMS can help as it will allow the maintenance facility manager to set up work tasks, provide preventative maintenance, keep up with equipment repairs, assets and run reports.


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While designing an entirely new clinic is the beginning stages before you would need a maintenance staff, these trends are important to any clinic, even those that are already set up. Those clinics that are already established would benefit from a CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) program. 

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