Let's Bust 3 Myths About Computerized Maintenance

April 8, 2019
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When you're looking into options to make your facility run better, you want to do your due diligence. Whether you have your own reservations, or you have to win over other stakeholders, you'll want some quick answers to common concerns about augmenting your workflow.

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MYTH: CMMS Costs Too Much

Sure, a good Computerized Maintenance Management Software program won't be free. But neither is your time.

Weigh the benefits versus the cost of the risks of not using a CMMS platform, and the numbers stack up strongly in favour of CMMS. You'll avoid costly repairs by scheduling your preventative maintenance appropriately. And you'll save yourself a lot of time digging through spreadsheets or paper documents when all the reporting you need is a few clicks away. 

MYTH: You Have to Be a Computer Genius

Maybe you looked at an option in the past, but you thought it'd be too complicated to implement in your facility? Well, today's CMMS options are different. Interfaces are now so simple that if you know how to use a computer, you can use a CMMS program.

There's also training available to get you started, tech support is just a call away, and everything is simple so anyone can use it with ease. 

MYTH: CMMS Only Benefits Larger Businesses and Corporations

Nope! We're happy to say that even smaller businesses can benefit. You still need to know when jobs are done, set up preventative maintenance, keep up with equipment and paperwork, and know about your equipment's lifespan. Even a maintenance department that only has one or two employees can take advantage of all of the things that CMMS does. It's easier than using spreadsheets, you won't have lost paperwork, and if you need to run reports — it's there at the touch of a button.

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