Managing Your HVAC with CMMS for a Cooler Summer

March 9, 2018
1 min

Along with summer comes the heat and there is no way around that. Even in colder climates, summer temperatures can often be warmer than what is comfortable so here are a few tips on cooling your facility and making things more pleasant.



Circulation is Important

Air conditioning works well as long as there is one key element – circulation. The panels and air intake vents must be clear of debris. Since they are typically positioned outside on the roof or building’s side area, they can become clogged or dirty so it is imperative to make sure they are cleaned on a regular basis and especially in the summer months.


Clean Filters

Air filters are another area that can affect the circulation. If these are dirty or need changing then they obstruct the air. Even if they do not totally obstruct the air, they make your moving parts such as belts and fans work harder which puts wear and tear on your equipment.


Internal Airflow

Proper distribution is another area to address in order to have a cooler facility. You want to be sure the people in the building are cool as well as any equipment and this is done by using fans such as mobile fans or ceiling fans. You also want to ensure that your vents are directed properly so that the air is evenly distributed. If your equipment gets too hot, this causes higher temperatures and increased friction which can affect the performance of belts, tracks, and bearing seals.


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Cooling Matters

Workers that are exposed to temperatures of 95 F or higher are exposed to what is called heat stress. While you cannot always prepare for an event where the cooling goes out, you can help ensure that it stays working more efficiently and cools your building better by applying these tips. You also want to be sure that regular preventative maintenance is done on your HVAC system whether by a professional or in-house.


Setting up the preventative maintenance in your CMMS will help you be prepared for the changing temperatures, plus it will help save you money by not having equipment running harder then needed, due to poor upkeep.


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