WEBINAR RECAP: Maintenance Care Reporting 101

January 26, 2024
4 min

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) isn't just software; it can be leveraged and customized into a full data maestro. Maintenance Care’s CMMS includes robust, customizable reporting features that can unlock key insights and opportunities for your facilities.

A record number of registrants signed up for our first informational webinar of the year, Mastering Reporting for Facility Excellence. Every Maintenance Care user has access to the crucial information and data they need within their respective customizable dashboards to keep track of facility and team performance, expenses and much more.

Our powerful CMMS is designed with simplicity in mind, so creating, running and exporting reports is easy for any user. To make the most of this feature, check out a few key takeaways and tips and tricks from our reporting 101 session.

Key Insights:

  • Users can query data and run various reports on their facilities’ maintenance operations.
  • Facility managers can schedule reports to send to their email at regular intervals.
  • The software includes a feature for detecting duplicate tasks to organize and simplify your workflow.
  • Users can include multiple individuals on a task and track their hours worked.
  • Maintenance Care includes a help guide and a dedicated support team for navigating and maximizing reports.

Meet the Masters

Product Specialist Phil Boone and General Manager Dino Roberge were the duo leading the charge in this hands-on webinar. Together, they tag-teamed an agenda that covered everything from the basics to the nitty-gritty of reporting in Maintenance Care.

maintenance reporting webinar recap

Takeaway 1: Query Like a Pro for Reporting Excellence

Understanding and maximizing the query and reporting features of Maintenance Care can streamline data collection and analysis.

Phil demonstrated how to extract specific data from Maintenance Care’s query feature. He revealed the secrets of the filter bar in the task list, encouraging users to play around with the data like a DJ remixing their favorite track. 

Filtering allows users to refine their searches based on parameters such as location, date range and status. Users can also search for specific task numbers, titles or even areas of their building. 

"If you needed a hard copy of a work order, this is where you get to play around with the data to really hone in on what you're looking for,” Phil said.

Takeaway 2: Custom Reports Are the MVPs of Maintenance Management

​​The software provides a variety of reports and customization options for all users, from the Enterprise Edition to the Work Order plan. Users can generate reports on asset information and task compliance with customizable dashboards that make maintenance reporting simple for keeping track of key performance indicators and more.

Phil delved into some of the most popular reports, particularly the general task report, and demonstrated how to adjust parameters to get the needed data. 

"Maintenance Care has hundreds of different reports, as well as customization within each one of them,” Phil said. “What you will need to do is understand which report works best for you and what type of information you want to draw."

Soon, all Maintenance Care users will enjoy the benefits of Tableau within their reporting module, which offers trending analysis, more robust dashboards and custom report writer features to take your data to the next level.

Takeaway 3: Set It and Forget It With Report Scheduling

Phil showed how to set up a schedule for a report, detailing the process of naming a report, choosing its format, selecting recipients and determining frequency. He explained that reports are automatically sent to the designated recipients at the specified frequency once this setup process is completed. 

"Once you find a report that you love, and it's giving you the information you need, schedule that bad boy. Let the reports come to you," he said.

Users can easily export the securely stored data in PDF or Excel formats if they need to share their reports or perform deeper analysis. A key piece of advice is personalizing each report according to your preferences and company KPIs, then printing or exporting data for distribution so all key stakeholders can access the right data at the right time. 

Takeaway 4: Track Down Task Details on Every Work Order

The beauty of Maintenance Care’s full-featured CMMS is that it functions as much more than a digital work order management tool. Phil detailed how the software provides key information on each assigned maintenance request. Users can view details within each maintenance task, including its status, the technician who completed the work and any associated details.

"What this is going to do is give you all of the data within each work order,” Phil said. “We're going to see the status is closed. You'll see the person who finished that job and even a vendor, if that's assigned. We have all the notes indicating it's completed, so we can provide this to the people that need it."

From pinpointing specific facilities to searching for work orders based on room numbers, Phil demonstrated how Maintenance Care can isolate specific data and allow users to search based on date range, task number, title and more to access the information they need on each maintenance request quickly.

"So if it's an electrical work order, HVAC, general maintenance or even fire safety classification, it can be searched” he said. “Even different areas of the building or the facility, we can search that as well."

Takeaway 5: Support Is Available at Every Step 

During the webinar, attendees raised several questions. Dino read out these questions and Phil responded with answers and solutions. The Q&A portion of the event provided value to each customer, as they could dig into the details of Maintenance Care’s reporting capabilities and bring forth specific scenarios that could inform and assist other users. 

The webinar demonstrated Maintenance Care's commitment to providing comprehensive support to its users, making sure they can get the most value from the software's capabilities. From a customer-specific wiki to YouTube videos demonstrating each feature, as well as phone and email support, many resources are available to dig deeper and resolve any issues.

Maintenance Care will host monthly webinars throughout the year to detail every feature and walk through the capabilities of our CMMS. Interested in joining our customers-only virtual events? Current users should keep an eye on their inboxes for invitations each month. To sign up for Maintenance Care, get in touch with us today

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