Maintenance Care's New Feature Gives You 1000+ Integrations

January 15, 2018
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As if CMMS alone didn't make your life easier, now we have made it even better. More than 1 million people rely on Zapier to take care of their tedious tasks. Now you can incorporate it with your Maintenance Care software too.

There are so many possibilities for integrations with our network of 800+ connected applications that we can't name them all. Here is a sprinkling of some of the benefits you can take advantage of by connecting Maintenance Care to these other web tools.


Google Calendar

As you know, Maintenance Care already has the ability to export your Preventive Maintenance tasks to a calendar of your choice. But now with our integration with Google Calendar you can set things up so that even daily work orders that come in can automatically sync. Move your tasks around in your calendar to create a better workflow allowing you to set up alarms and due dates on your calendar.


Ring Central

You can now set up to receive notifications for tasks by SMS using your regular cell phone number or through applications like Ring Central. Set the notification criteria to be whatever you want including; whenever a task is older than 2 days and is in Pending status; or whenever a task is closed without comments. You choose the criteria, and the SMS notification is now automated.


You Tube

If you want to have some of your Work Orders resolve themselves, try adding a auto respondent email with a link to a 'How-To-Fix The Problem' YouTube video to the person who submitted the request. You can determine if the user should get this auto respondent based on many options related to what the Task submitted including the Type or problem, Area where the problem occurred and even the Classification of the issue.


Survey Monkey

You want to find out how you are doing in the eyes of your customers? Now you can automate sending a Survey using Survey Monkey to the requestor of the task after it has been Closed by you. They can receive an email with a short survey that helps you evaluate your service level to them and improve your relationship with your customers.


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Microsoft Excel

Sometimes you just need to have certain pieces of information from a Task automatically added to an Excel Spreadsheet for auto calculations or more defined formulas. Set up triggers to automatically have a Maintenance Care task be sent to your spreadsheet of choice, in the column order that you would like it, allowing you to skip the step of exporting a report or manually entering the information.


Anyone can build workflows with a few clicks. The Zapier editor tool walks you through every step in a simple to use format.  You DO NOT need to be a computer genius to setup these integrations and start enjoying the benefits of workflow automation.

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