Maintaining Workplace Order with CMMS

April 2, 2018
1 min

Keeping your workplace in order takes organization and discipline. When you think of housekeeping you may think of a hotel with maids.  “Housekeeping” at work includes all things maintenance as well.

Keeping Order

Here are just a few ways that CMMS allows you to maintain your housekeeping at work and keep things running at their optimum.


Work Orders and Inventory Management

The ability to create work orders and send them out remotely is idea for making it easier on your work life. By being able to keep up with inventory and always knowing where parts and equipment are, life is made even more simple and you can focus on other areas that need your attention.



The great thing about CMMS is that it is mobile. No longer do employees have to run back to the office to get a work order or wait for a phone call or text. Instead, they can have access to their work orders no matter where they are and this saves time and clears up communication issues. Bringing mobile capabilities to equipment maintenance has proven to be valuable, enabling users to take the power of the software anywhere at any time, and even offline with the cloud.


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Manage Documents

By being able to manage your documents with CMMS, you always know where owner’s manuals are, training guides, permits, and more. By just a click of a button, you can access these along with standard operating procedures and receipts. This takes away from time searching for a certain document and frees up time.


Equipment Life Cycle

Imagine being able to keep up with the life cycle of your equipment. With CMMS, you are able to manage your equipment from the moment it is purchased and enters your building, throughout any repairs or downtime, and until you see fit to replace it.

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