Maintain Bathrooms In High Traffic Areas With CMMS

September 16, 2015
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A bathroom is one of the most basic needs in any business but high traffic areas can be somewhat of a hassle to maintain for a maintenance department manager. There are a few things you can keep in mind in order to make it easier on you and your staff while keeping the bathroom in better shape for years to come.



Materials Matter

Using less expensive materials in a high traffic bathroom may save money, but over time it can be detrimental and cause a variety of problems. Research shows that less expensive materials may be treated as such which means that if your bathroom looks and feels cheap, customers will treat it that way. This may mean that there are more repairs required as they break more easily and more often. Invest money into making your bathroom something that is aesthetically pleasing and made with quality material.  Think of it this way: a cheap rest stop bathroom (not that some aren't really nice and well-maintained but let's imagine one that is not) will have visitors that don't care about how they treat it – they will sometimes make more of a mess and not be careful with the fixtures. However, a nicer bathroom is often treated as such simply due to what the visitor perceives is expected.


Sustainability and Low Maintenance Design

Having a more sustainable bathroom means lower costs. For instance, hand dryers save on paper products and low-flow faucets and urinals mean that you're saving on the water bill. These also typically make maintenance and housekeeping a little easier since there is less mess and most of these items work fine without a lot of constant upkeep. 


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You can keep up with your high traffic bathroom's maintenance schedule and make sure that it is always kept in top condition no matter how busy it gets with a CMMS program



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