Let Your CMMS Program Help When It's Time to Find a New Vendor

July 29, 2016
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Often times we get complacent and would rather have subpar service than make a change. We all know that change is difficult, but when is it the right time to find a new vendor?


Sometimes you may have a vendor you have been using for years; the service is average and the product is acceptable. Over time however, perhaps that service is getting more lackluster and maybe even the product has become less than what you would expect.


Don't Be Scared

Most people hate change.  Fear of the unknown is what makes many facility managers accept service that is not up to the standard they should be getting and fear of making the transition to another vendor keeps the business from getting the service that they should.


Spend Money to Save Money

Another fear is that the investment is higher than what you are used to. Sure, you can always find someone to do the job or provide the service for a lower amount but in the long run, this can cost the company more money than if you had simply gone with a better vendor in the first place. It is actually more cost effective to pay more (without getting taken for a ride) for a good vendor because a cheaper vendor may be one that under-performs and causes more headache than if you had went with someone else.


Trust Your Instincts

Only you can weigh the pros and cons on who to hire but cheaper is definitely not always better in the long run. The same thing goes with sticking with what you are used to as opposed to trusting a new vendor and making that transition.


Stay Organized

No matter what you ultimately decide, a CMMS program alleviates some of the headaches in keeping up with vendors and product inventory. It allows you to upload paperwork and keep up with notes and anything that relates to running your facility – including scheduling work tasks and performing preventative maintenance tasks.


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Change is scary for most people and that is okay – just don't allow the fear of transition to make your job harder to do.

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