Keep Your Maintenance Department Looking Awesome with CMMS

March 14, 2016
1 min

As a maintenance facility manager, it is your job to oversee daily maintenance operations and make sure that the property is in tip-top shape. But what about your own maintenance department? Does it need an overhaul too?


Over Looked

Being a busy maintenance department manager means that sometimes your own work area gets overlooked. With daily job tasks, preventative maintenance, running your crew, scheduling the work week, running reports, and everything else you have to do – it gets difficult to make sure that your own facility is well-maintained and has the same care that the rest of the property gets.


Plan Ahead

Over time, your maintenance shop gets run-down if it is not taken care of. Floors get stained, ceilings can start to leak, windows become drafty, supplies get misplaced, and the entire are gets disorganized.  One way that you can ensure that your maintenance department doesn't need a complete overhaul is to add it in as part of the daily and preventative maintenance tasks so that it is always being cared for just like every other place that you manage.


Utilize Slow Periods

For instance, during slower periods when the schedules aren't as hectic, make sure you schedule time for the facility. You could have someone clean out the maintenance shop or make sure that the supplies are straightened up. Have someone check the shelving, the walls, reseal the doors, or anything that ensures that the shop doesn't fall into disarray.


Schedule It

In fact, a CMMS program is perfect for this because you can schedule these tasks in advance at your leisure. That way, instead of finding the time for someone to do it, you can simply have it already scheduled and it will be done on a regular basis.


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Even if you simply schedule an hour a week for this part of the work day, that is time that is spent making sure that the entire property is maintained, not just what you “have” to do. Besides, it reflects well on you that your own management see how you keep your area, just as much as how you keep theirs.


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