Keep Track Of Visitors to Your Healthcare Facility With A CMMS System

February 15, 2016
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For years, many healthcare facilities have implemented the use of visitor passes. These passes keep up with who is visiting the facility whether it is a patient's family or friends, a vendor, a visiting doctor, a contractor, or anyone at all who needs to be there.


It is also important to know who should not be there and in fact, that is pretty much the main focus of a visitor pass.


Visitor Pass

Although visitor passes have been around for decades, it has become even more important in recent years. Security breaches can allow unwanted people to be in the building and jeopardize the safety of the patients, employees, and other visitors. Having a visitor pass system is an excellent idea for your healthcare facility.



While visitor passes may seem more of a security issue rather than something the maintenance facility handles, a CMMS system goes hand in hand with this type of security.  By having a list of your vendors and when they visit, etc – you will be able to let security know when they will need a pass or badge to the facility. The same applies to your own maintenance employees.  A CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) allows you to set up notes on vendors and even manage your key card system by implementing work tasks and maintenance for this system.  By setting up notes you will know what work was done, who it was done by, and when it was done.


Record Keeping

This visitor system can encompass a variety of systems such as an electronic visitor management system, sign in sheets, temporary passes such as time-expiring visitor passes, badges, and more. The important thing is to know who is at the facility at any given time.


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You will be able to set up work tasks and preventative maintenance and always know who did the work and what time it was done. This not only helps with security issues but also allows you to refer to your notes any time you need to present something to management. And of course, if there is ever a security breach, you'll have your notes as well as security having theirs.

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