How to Use CMMS with Predictive Maintenance

April 30, 2019
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Having dependable equipment is integral to running a smooth, efficient maintenance department. By combining CMMS and predictive maintenance, you have less downtime, a better idea of your equipment’s dependability, and make better decisions on repairs versus new equipment.

How To Use CMMS With Predictive Maintenance

A next generation CMMS allows you to tether cloud technology and predictive algorithms to provide a better and more precise view of all of your equipment. As a central organizational tool, with automatic work order generation, spare parts monitoring, and workforce management, you are better equipped to be on top of everything that could possibly cause downtime or expense.

Any maintenance manager wants to avoid the downtime unplanned issues creates. Time spent fixing a problem you could have prevented is time you could have spent on higher value tasks — like preventing even more problems, for instance!

With a CMMS, predictive algorithms allow you to anticipate problems by noting changes outside the norm. With them, you can prepare for predictive maintenance based off real world factors rather than just a schedule — instead of simply waiting until a piece of equipment fails.

Predictive Maintenance Uses Real Time Data

When you use real time data instead of relying on estimations, you're getting a more precise view of how your equipment is performing. Predictive maintenance works by using the degradation of patterns of variables to determine how a piece of equipment is performing or how it is starting to wear out. These diagnostics focus on things like temperature, lubrication, vibration, liquid pressure, noise, corrosion, and more.

Predictive maintenance requires this condition-based data gathered from the equipment. And to create actionable decisions this raw data need to be stored in a reliable CMMS and incorporated in the comprehensive view of the asset's health.

That's where we come in. In Maintenance Care, you get the full picture of all of your assets and equipment. You've got the full history,  of all readings, former interventions, spare parts inventory and information — along with this real time data. Thanks to this complete picture, you can evaluate your equipment's current condition and predict future problems with an amazing accuracy.

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