How to Leverage CMMS When Showcasing Your Long-term Care Facility

November 10, 2020
2 min

As the manager of a long-term care facility, you always want your facility to stand out. You hire the most creative recreation professionals, build an efficient kitchen team, and go the extra mile to make residents feel welcome and comfortable. You also know that presenting the facility both online and offline is crucial since first impressions do matter. Facility maintenance might not be the first thing that comes to mind in this case, but here’s the thing you want to take the full advantage of it 


No matter how excellent your facility is, residents and families keep looking at various options. Thinking about long-term care can already be painful for them, and your job is to take that burden away. The best thing you can do is create as pleasant and easy decision-making process as possible for future residents.   


Use Your Strengths

How about adding an extra item to the list with suites descriptions, meal options, and health support? This item is Computerized Maintenance Management Software, and it might be precisely the feature that will make your clients realize, “This is the place I want to spend my best years at” or “I want my granny to live here.” CMMS is the thing that shows how much you care about your residents from the very inside of your organization. 



Stay Updated

Imagine you have a resident living on the third floor. The elevator is next to her door, but she uses the stairs “because she can,” and this is the exercise she can’t miss. Her dishwasher starts leaking on Friday. She makes her way down to the reception desk and asks to have her dishwasher fixed. The receptionist writes the request down on a sticky note and promises to pass it on to the right person. She already has a couple of yellow papers stuck to her computer, so when the maintenance guy finally comes, she hands orders to him – and guess what – the dishwasher request gets lost.  

You, the seniors' facility manager, find out that the dishwasher is out of order on Sunday morning when an angry grandson calls you and questions your ability to provide the residents with the comfort and support they need. The only solution you can offer is sending the maintenance guy first thing on Monday morning. The resident has to wash the dishes herself during the weekend, but the main problem is that no one addresses the issue that is bothering her. She wants to get the attention she and her family are paying for, and the fact that it seems to be ignored drives the whole family mad.  


Tell Your Story

Here is where CMMS comes into play: change one step in the story and the outcome will be dramatically different. The resident comes down to the receptionist, CMMS is open on her desktop, and she submits a ticket for “dishwasher order” right away. By Friday night, the dishwasher is fixed, the resident (and her family) happy, life goes on.  


Building CMMS into your workflow and letting families and residents know about it will be one of your most substantial assets. Maintenance Care System will not only prevent minor issues (like the dishwasher repair request) from growing into scandals, but will also play its role in scheduling and tracking preventative actions to make your facility always ready for any inspection. Don’t forget to highlight this feature when demonstrating to decision-makers what you can offer for the safety and comfort of their loved ones 24/7. 

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