WEBINAR RECAP: Mastering Task & Work Order Management in Your CMMS

May 17, 2024
3 min

In our ongoing efforts to equip Maintenance Care customers with tools and knowledge to master every feature within their CMMS, we recently hosted a webinar that showcased best practices for task and work order management.

Led by Susan Fowler, our senior trainer, the session covered essential work order management process features in the system, from navigating its functionalities to customizing user interfaces based on maintenance teams' needs and preferences. The webinar also covered seamlessly transitioning from traditional management methods to leveraging your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to complete more work orders with greater efficiency.

Whether you missed the webinar and want a recap or attended and would like a refresher, we summarized the most important takeaways from the work order management presentation so you can leverage the power of your CMMS for all maintenance tasks.


Understanding Your Work Order Management System

Mastery of the work order management process is key to fully leveraging the Maintenance Care System’s capabilities.

The webinar emphasized the importance of understanding how to manage work orders within the Maintenance Care system. Some users might be new to the system or might not have had enough training sessions. The system is easy to use with simple steps and easy navigation, but maintenance teams might not know some of the easy steps that are just a click away.

Susan noted that understanding how to set up a primary task page for easy navigation and finding work orders is crucial.

“It’s important because Maintenance Care is a really easy system to use,” she said. “There’s lots of layers to it, but when it comes to work order management, it’s really simple. There are simple easy steps, it’s simple to navigate. You just might not know that some of those easy steps are just within a click of your mouse.”

Upgrade to the Bolt Version — with Volt Coming Soon!

Maintenance Care users were encouraged to upgrade to the Bolt version for enhanced functionality and features if they haven't already. While not new, the latest version of the software offers more functionality and features.

"If you are in the classic version of Maintenance Care, you will want to upgrade to Bolt — it's really simple and easy to use as far as going and navigating through," Susan said.

She detailed the process of upgrading from the classic version to the Bolt, highlighting that it's as simple as clicking a button in the middle of the screen. Bolt is a couple of years old now and eventually, the classic version will likely be removed. Susan noted that the progress in functionality is mainly within the Bolt system.

Note: Our newest upgrade, Volt, is coming soon! Read all about the enhancements we're making with this upgraded system. As a reminder, Volt comes at no extra charge for Maintenance Care users and is simply the name of our enhanced update.


Customizing the User Interface for Your Maintenance Team

Susan highlighted the ability to customize user interface settings in Maintenance Care to improve work order management and the overall user experience. Maintenance teams can adjust the display settings, including the grid page size, the number of days for the default date range and whether to highlight priority tasks.

“You determine what you want to set here. Again, this is very much a personal choice," Susan said. "It will always tell me at the bottom of my screen how many work orders I’m seeing. If I need to change it, I can do that.”

Susan highlighted the ‘sticky filter’ feature, which allows users to set filters that stay put even after they log out and log back in, making it easier to manage work orders. Customization options also facilitate the efficient management of maintenance requests and ensure that the assigned technician receives all necessary information for carrying out their assigned maintenance requests.

Improve the Work Order Management Process — Key Insights

Maintenance managers: Your entire maintenance department can contribute to a smoother, more productive work order management process using one customizable system. Your CMMS includes preventive maintenance scheduling, organized digital maintenance requests, asset and inventory management and reporting on key performance indicators to keep all facility and people operations activities in one place.

Here is a quick recap of work order management benefits Maintenance Care's work order management software offers:

Streamlined Navigation: Customizable display settings enable users to tailor their interface for efficient task management.

Persistent Filters: The ‘sticky filter’ feature in the Bolt version retains settings across sessions, facilitating seamless work order management.

Enhanced Support: The system includes robust customer support resources, including email, online chat and a Wiki for troubleshooting.

Optimized Maintenance Operations: The system streamlines maintenance operations by automating task assignments, tracking progress, and scheduling preventive maintenance tasks. This ensures operational efficiency, reduces downtime, and enhances resource utilization across various sectors.

Managing Work Orders: Users can assign, delay, exclude or reopen work orders seamlessly. The significance of assigning maintenance tasks based on technician skills and creating preventive maintenance schedules was highlighted to improve asset quality and facility performance.

Adjusting Settings: Attendees learned how to customize their primary task page to streamline navigation and enhance productivity.

Navigating the System: Tips were shared on using the sidebar for accessing stats and filtering information efficiently.

Using System Functionalities: Insights were provided on adjusting column sizes, searching for information, adding notes to work orders, and leveraging customer support resources.


Streamline Maintenance Operations in your Computerized Maintenance Management System

By mastering these insights and leveraging the system's functionalities effectively, Maintenance Care CMMS users can optimize their workflow and achieve operational excellence.

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