How to Help Motivate Your Staff With A CMMS Program

April 19, 2017
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Keeping your staff happy and motivated are two things that work towards a cohesive and functional environment at work. EmployeeAppreciation2.jpg

Here are a few of the best ways to motivate your staff without being disingenuous.


Give a Clear Time Frame

Instead of telling an employee that you’ll get to something or let them know, have a time frame in mind. Something like, “I’ll check this out and let you know by Friday” is better than telling them that you will let them know something. Once you tell them a time period, make sure to make good on that promise.


Be Honest and Straightforward

If there is an issue, don’t be vague. Saying something like, “Here is the issue we have and here is what this means for you” is better because it is straightforward and does not leave the employee wondering what is going on. Staff members like to know where they stand on things and uncertainty is not productive – it only makes people fear for the unknown. If you have bad news, pushing it aside or sweeping it under the rug is detrimental to the morale of your staff. Be honest and let them know what is going on and if possible, have something to counteract the bad new.


Have an Open Door Policy

Many businesses will say that they have an open door policy but not every company follows through. If you want your staff members to trust you, follow through on an offer of them being able to talk to you about anything. It can be that they need to talk about things within the company and how it’s working or a problem but never make an employee feel that they cannot reach out to you.


Focus on the Positive

Sometimes an employee is not performing up to par but a better way of doing things is to point out what they are doing right as well as what needs improvement. Yes, they need to know what to fix that is wrong but by stating that “this is working out great” or “what you are doing in this situation is perfect” makes a world of difference. If it is an employee you want to keep and just need to work on a few things, surely they have attributes that are worth telling them about.


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Whether the economy is growing or shrinking, finding ways to motivate employees is always a management concern.  Keeping up with new technology, through a CMMS program, will give them improved skillset and increase their value as an employee.

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