How Computerized Maintenance Management Software Helps With Training

June 24, 2016
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Training new employees to how your maintenance department works is simply part of doing business. That doesn't mean that it's always easy.


There are issues to deal with when teaching the employee how things are done, which may be different from what they are used to. There is the task of finding the right employee to train them and there is certain protocol to ensure that they learn their job safely and efficiently.


Make The Process Easier

There are a few ways you can help make the process easier and one way is with Computerized Maintenance Management Software, known as CMMS. How this program helps is that you are able to schedule work requests and preventative maintenance to be handled in tandem during  each day.  You can also track the new employees progress and keep tabs on all of their work tasks throughout the day.

For instance, a Maintenance Request Form has areas that are filled in such as:

  • Task Type
  • Building Area
  • Room Number
  • Details
  • Your Name and Email Address


Details Section

What is particularly helpful when it comes to a new employee is the details section in each task. You are able to type in details such as, who did the job and add the employee's name as well as the new hire's name. The details section is perfect for noting things you need to know and you'll have all of the details of who did what, when it was done, and where it was done.


Updates On The Fly

Since you can also schedule preventative maintenance tasks on the fly, you can also add the new hire's name to the job as well and like with work order tasks, add in any details that you feel are important.


Time Tracking

Of course, the training your new employee gets also depends on who works with them and what details are given, but with CMMS, you are able to track what gets done when it comes to a work order. It makes it easier to see what all the new employee did and how long things are taking.


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Hiring new people is not always easy but at least you can make things a little more seamless with Computerized Maintenance Management Software from Maintenance Care.


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