How CMMS Saves Your Department Money

September 13, 2017
1 min

It’s a given that CMMS helps run a maintenance department easier, which in turn makes your work life less stressful. However, there are plenty of ways CMMS also saves your maintenance department money. Here are just a few to keep in mind.

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Inventory Control

By being able to keep up with your inventory, you are ordering less parts that you do not need. These parts take away from your expenditures and take up storage space when they are not needed. Having control of your inventory also means that you are not missing parts that are needed which can cause downtime or make it difficult to do your job.


Preventative Maintenance vs Reactive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is always better than reactive maintenance because you do not want to have to wait until things go haywire to try and fix a problem. This creates a snowball effect which leads to more downtime and more problems keeping things under control. Schedule preventative maintenance in advance so it is done automatically instead of finding time in between jobs.


Monitor Your Assets

Keeping up with assets allows you to follow your biggest expenditures. CMMS allows you to track important data like; warranty information, repair dates, owner manuals, life expectancy based on date of purchase, repairs, and maintenance. This lets you be aware of when equipment may need replacing rather than another repair and helps you save money on being able to better predict downtime of your large equipment.


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Schedule Work Orders and PM Automatically

A lot of time is spent setting up schedules and while you cannot predict when a work task will be needed, you can schedule preventative maintenance in advance, so once a work task does come in, it can be expedited automatically so no one has to run back to the shop to get paperwork.  Less paperwork means fewer mistakes and misplaced notes.


CMMS saves you tons of money in the long run and has a ROI that can’t be beat. Not to mention, it will make your work life so much nicer and who doesn't want that.



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