How CMMS Makes Your Day Easier

September 22, 2017
1 min

You may be aware of how convenient Computerized Maintenance Management Software is and perhaps you are already using it. Here are a few simple ways that CMMS can help control your juggling act.juggling.jpeg

Expedited Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is integral to keeping a facility running smoothly. With a CMMS program, the preventative maintenance can be set up in advance so that when the time comes for it to be done, it is sent out to the employee automatically. For example, the maintenance director has set up for the AC filters to be changed each month. He set this up a year ago and the work is to be done on the 7th of each month. When the 7th arrives, there is nothing else for him to do because the notification goes out to an employee.


Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance tasks are also easily taken care of. When there is an issue, it is entered into the program and is designated to an employee. For instance, a worker notices that the door to a bathroom is not closing properly. The information is entered and then it can be assigned to someone to fix as soon as possible. There are no notes to lose and no one can come back and say, “I didn’t know you wanted me to fix it” or “It wasn’t my job” since it is sent to the employee who is designated to fix it.


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Keeping Up With Assets

Assets are another area that CMMS makes easier to keep up with. Let’s say that a power washer has needed a repair more than once. It doesn’t even have to be that type of equipment – it could be anything from a large piece for a production line or a lawnmower used at a hotel. The point is, the item has needed repairs and it is not known if it should be replaced or repaired again. With the life expectancy area of the CMMS program, you are able to gauge better when a piece of equipment should be replaced rather than repaired and that helps save money.


A day in the life of a facility manager is still work, but why not make things easier with a CMMS program so you can focus on other tasks at hand? 

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