How CMMS Helps Maintain Older Buildings

October 19, 2016
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Older structures have special needs that newer buildings don't typically require for a while. Whether it is an old HVAC unit, a roof in need of repair, or a building with old equipment – there are unique needs that can cause more headache when trying to run the maintenance department.


CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) helps you keep control of your older structure's unique maintenance needs and here's how.


Prevent Unexpected Repairs

There aren't many things worse than having to deal with an unexpected or emergency repair. By keeping up with preventative maintenance, the building's structure and equipment stays in better shape which will reduce unexpected downtime or emergency fixes. Instead of having to call out the service company, these things that tend to break down will be lessened and you will know faster that something needs attention. It also allows you to schedule things that need to be done on a regular basis instead of depending on remembering it, writing it somewhere on a calendar or spreadsheet, or simply putting it off until the situation becomes an emergency.


Reminders That Are Functional

A reminder is all well and good and some calendars allow you to enter them. However, what if instead of a reminder the work was automatically scheduled and completed? With CMMS, once the data is entered and the dates are set up, the work task is then automatically sent out when it comes time to do it. So instead of asking as employee if the job was done or having to write down the work after you're sent a reminder, the software program does that for you so you can rest assured that you have it handled well in advance.


Inventory Management

Inventory management is easier with CMMS because you will always know where everything is. Let's say that a certain piece of equipment needs to be repaired – it can be as simple as a vacuum cleaner belt needing replacement. If it's after hours, it is not like you can simply send someone to the store and some equipment requires specially ordered supplies. By knowing where everything is, you know when something needs to be reordered, so your employees can simply go into the supply closet to get it.


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CMMS helps in a plethora of ways and with older buildings, it is even more important in keeping things running smoothly.

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