Hints for Setting Up CMMS on a Multi-Site

January 5, 2018
1 min

Setting up CMMS with multi-site locations can have many benefits but it is important to know which location you should choose first and why setting up that location is important.


Piloting a certain location first over another will ensure everything runs efficiently and effectively. Here are a few ways to pick the right one:



If you have a team already in place with the experience to run a CMMS program effectively then this is a good place to start. If the equipment is ready to go, there is talent, equipment is fairly new, and assets are documented, then you are already ahead of the game in regards to set up.


Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Make sure you know which area will have the most impact. For instance, if your plan to save money on the amount of repairs you are doing to equipment going forward, then implementing your preventative maintenance schedule will be at the top of the list for rollout and an excellent place to start at pilot location.



The employees at a site who most embrace new technology, have some experience in CMMS, are those who are will most benefit from adding the system.  They will be able to see the "big picture" benefits long term, which will means it will get the ball rolling with a good timeliine in place and allow you to slowly implement it into the other areas of your site with buy in from everyone.



When choosing which site to add CMMS to, consider which areas are the most stable. Those are a good place to start because you do not want to throw in something new to a site that is already unstable to begin with. Make sure there has not been a recent change in management or upcoming retirements.


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Business Drivers

One another area to consider. If there is a business driver that has a major impact on the performance of your pilot site, then focus should be on the handful of drivers that reflect the performance and progress of implementing your site.


One of the ways to score the matrix for implementation of CMMS is to consider all of the above and track progress through consistent milestone tracking along with reporting within the Maintenance Care system. 

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